Instrumentation Engineering Professional Website

As I started my first job as an instrumentation engineer, very soon I was responsible for preparing datasheets and other technical documents for a gas plant design megaproject.

I was facing an ocean of technical details and similar to Mel Robbins's 5 seconds rule, I jumped into this deep ocean and started swimming.

It was scary but after years I became a good swimmer.

I had a note book and a fat blue folder for gathering the lesson learned.

They were together, a small boat on that ocean to me, and incredibly helpful, reliable and time saving.

I digitized them to avoid using papers to help the planet, but I lost them after I moved to another company.

I developed to have access to that helpful knowledge anytime, anywhere and most importantly to be able to share it with others.

I just need to take my smart phone out of my pocket instead of carrying my heavy blue folder. could help you to find applied and beneficial data about instrumentation devices with essential technical details very quickly.

The briefed technical information of this website could be able to fulfil your technical requirement during design, project document preparation, technical bid evaluation, purchase, installation and maintenance.

It's an honor for team to let it be your small boat to take you to your cruise ship in Instrumentation Engineering Ocean.